Thursday, May 20, 2010


What a great trip with respect to training.

Found an extra couple hours on Thursday and made the most of it.
I headed East until I hit Lakeshore then south until I found Soldier Field.
Now as the crow flys on a tourist map it was about 2miles. As I look at my trusty Garmin it was over 3 when I hit the backside of the stadium. A fun run though. I meander my way back and was happy to hit the 7 mile mark before I reach the Sheridan.

Friday found me done with my required conference presentations and mixed in Reinsurer meetings. When and saw the Pirate vs the Cubs at Wrigley. A $20 cab fare but I made the game on time. With no time constraits I decided to run back from the game. Logged another 5+ miles along the lake shore. Set up in Chicago is great for running the shore.

Saturday prefight. I gave my legs a rest and walk about 3 miles with the outward point being the Willis (Sears) tower. Burned extra calories shaking from the added height.

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